Active vs Passive Conversions

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So what is does it mean to “actively convert” your website

The best way to illustrate this is by comparing online
conversions to real-life. Because web-traffic is just people (even
though it’s easy to forget this!).

So let’s imagine 2 small “bricks-and-mortar” businesses; a
couple of local grocery stores…

These stores look identical to each…stocked with the same
products, in exactly the same way.

However, your experience of each one is very different.

In the first store, when you walk in…

…no-one looks up; no one smiles, or says “hi”…

No one reacts when you pick up a product…

And when you walk to the door and leave, you’re still ignored…

In contrast, when you enter the second store…

You’re greeted with a smile…

The shopkeeper asks you how they can help…

When you look at at a product, they give you some more
information about it; suggest some other products that you

might also like…

And when you go to leave, you’re offered a special discount…

Which store are you more likely to buy from? It’s no contest

The second store does much better, despite having exactly the
same products and layout as the first store…

So why is this?

Well, in the 1st store, it’s as if you’re not there. Your presence
does not affect them. They’re completely passive.

In contrast, from the moment you enter the 2nd store, it “comes
alive”, and they create a personal, interactive experience for you.

The store re-acts to you, and your individual behavior.

In other words, they attempt to “actively convert” you.

A good salesperson knows that sales is about responding to your
prospect. Not just “pitching” at them; but creating an interactive
dialogue with them…

In a face-to-face setting, this is mainly about observing body-
language, and reacting in the right way (according to one

Harvard study, 55% of face-to-face communication is via body-
language! It’s our main “clue” to what someone is really


…If your prospect looks disinterested, you try a new angle, or
suggest a new product. If they look interested, you push to close
the sale, etc…

But how do you actively convert people on your website? How
can you make the online sales process more like it is face-to-face
– when it’s done properly? Afterall, you can’t observe-&-
respond to your visitors’ body language when they’re on your
website, can you?

True, you cannot see their physical body language. But you can
respond to their “Digital body language”…

You can respond when a visitor:

…enters your site…

Scrolls through your content

Clicks on, or hovers over, specific items …

Goes to exit your site…

These are all moments when you can jump in, and
actively convert your visitors.


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