5 Active Conversion Levers Lever 1 Pixel Banking

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What is it? 

This first way of converting your website visitors to remarketing leads is invisible, but increasingly important… 

Pixel Banking allows you to build audiences of everyone who visits your web-properties – whom you can then “re-target” with contextual ads on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and 1000s of other websites via ad-networks. 

Why does it work? 

Pixeled audiences are pre-qualified leads; they have already shown interest in you. So unsurprisingly, retargeting ads give you much better ROI. 

In the words of Digital Marketer CEO Ryan Deiss: 

“Soon all display advertising will be retargeted advertising and the pixel will become even more valuable than the click itself. As larger advertisers continue to buy up ad inventory (and create their own retargeting audiences) those that fail to ‘pixel’ their site visitors won’t be able to afford to advertise.” 

Remember, most people don’t buy on their first visit to your website, or even their second… 

So as digital marketers, we must build these pixeled audiences (on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.) so that we can leverage them, now and in the future. These audiences are just as valuable your email lists. 

How do I add it? 

Each platform provides you with a code that you can add to your website, landing page, pop up ad, Facebooks ad etc. You can also add your retargeting code to ALL your NOVA Funnelz campaigns. Just copy & paste the pixel code from the advertising platform (eg., Facebook) into your NOVA Funnelz campaigns. 

Adding your retargeting code is quick and easy 

Note re. “Onsite” re-targeting: You can also use pixels to trigger (or hide) popups or Conversion Mats for returning visitors. This is another great way of making the sales process more relevant, personal, and effective. 

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