5 Active Conversion Levers #2 Conversion Mats

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The second active conversion lever we want to talk about is the conversion mat. What is it?

A full-screen call-to-action that displays when your visitors land on your site.

Use these ‘Mats to welcome first-time visitors, announce new products & promotions, deliver coupons, capture email subscribers, and more…

Why does it work?

This is like the shopkeeper who welcomes you to their store as you enter…

By adding a ‘Mat to your website, your site reacts to your visitors when they enter.  You show your visitors that they’re important to you…

But more importantly, this gives you an opportunity to instantly convert your prospects (eg., to subscribe or share), before they get distracted and move on.

Remember, a large portion of your visitors leave within 8 seconds. But by dynamically “interrupting” their normal browsing behaviour, Conversion Mats instantly grab their attention – making your call-to-action unmissable.

How do I add it?

Create your own Conversion Mat with cloud based software like NOVA Funnelz

Simply select a template, customize your design with our drag-and-drop builder, and then connect NOVA Funnelz to your website. So once you’ve made a great first impression with NOVA Funnelz Amplify, how do you keep your visitors engaged..? Stay tuned for our next blog post

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